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Solomon Colors UltraFiber 500 (1.5#)
Solomon Colors UltraFiber 500 (1.5#)
Our Price: $4.62

Solomon UltraFiber 500 is an alkaline resistant cellulose
fiber reinforcement for Commercial and Residential Slabs, Composite Metal
Decks, Paving, Pervious Paving, Curb and Gutter, Slip Form, Architectural and
Decorative, Shotcrete, Wall, and White Topping applications.  UltraFiber 500 provides excellent secondary
reinforcement, is safe and easy to use, and provides superior finishability. It
can replace traditional secondary reinforcement while improving durability, impact
resistance, shatter resistance, and freeze/thaw resistance. Bonding between
rebar and cement paste is improved while concrete permeability and absorption
is reduced. Unlike Polypropylene fiber, UltraFiber 500 is invisible in
concrete, does not ball, fuzz, or blemish. It yields an aesthetically perfect
finish with no special finishing practices. Also, unlike Polypropylene fiber,
UltraFiber 500 is derived from renewable resources.

UltraFiber 500 has superb finishing quality, unsurpassed
crack control, better hydration and bonding, is great for decorative and
colored concrete, and utilizes an automated dispensing system.

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Solomon Colors UltraFiber 302 Blend (16.5#)
Solomon Colors UltraFiber 302 Blend (16.5#)
Our Price: $25.50

Advantages of UltraFiber 302 Fiber Blend: ACI 302 recognizes
the benefits of using a natural cellulose micro fiber and steel fiber blend to
reduce early age plastic shrinkage and provide long term crack control.
Additionally, this fiber blend improves the tensile strength/capacity of the
concrete. The UltraFiber 302 Blend can replace traditional continuous steel for
temperature and shrinkage reinforcement. UltraFiber 500® is the fiber of choice
for decorative concrete and a proven performer reducing plastic drying
shrinkage in residential, light commercial, overlays and structurally
reinforced concrete. CFS 150-5 steel fibers have long been a solution for
longer term concrete crack control and added tensile capacity in the same
applications. Combining these two fibers creates “peace of mind” in overlays
and traditional 4” to 6” building slabs and pavement designs within ACI joint

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