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Our Price: $46.86

  • Single laser line for leveling and alignment
  • Hand level with aluminum base for efficient alignment
  • Compact design and one-button operation
  • Versatile mounting accessory: mounts to walls or tripods with 1/4 In.-20 thread
  • Two built-in bubble vials
  • Easy grip handle with convenient access to battery compartment
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    BOSCH GLL2-15
    BOSCH GLL2-15
    Our Price: $170.14

  • Vertical, horizontal and cross-line modes projects 2-lines independently or together for a wide array of level and/or alignment applications
  • Smart pendulum leveling system self-levels, senses and indicated out-of level condition, locks when switched off
  • Simple keypad operation easily select between horizontal, vertical and cross line modes
  • Includes BM 3 positioning device with retractable feet, strong magnets and a ceiling grid clip
  • Easy access battery box change batteries quickly
  • Robust over-molded construction ensures water/dust protection and sure grip for dependable operation
  • Great solution for laser tools needs
  • Manual mode - locks line for use at any angle
  • Magnetic mounting base - position and mount with magnets, strap, or threaded mounts (5/8 - 11, 1/4 - 20)
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    Our Price: $327.50

  • Five points plus a cross-line for a two-in-one laser
  • Highly visible laser points and lines: for horizontal leveling, vertical alignment, squaring, layout and plumb point transfer
  • Manual mode locks lines for use at any angle
  • Smart pendulum system: self levels and indicates out-of-level condition
  • Four selectable modes: 5-point, horizontal line, vertical line or cross-line modes
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    Our Price: $406.98

  • Self-leveling exterior line laser
  • Wide 360° coverage
  • Protection features that warn when unit is out of level
  • Compact and lightweight
  • LR 3 laser detector
  • Smart pendulum leveling system
  • One-button operation
  • 530 Ft. diameter range
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    BOSCH GLL3-80
    BOSCH GLL3-80
    Our Price: $550.80

  • Laser generates one horizontal and two vertical 360° laser planes from one startup point
  • Use for simultaneous leveling and alignment, and squaring right angles
  • Smart Pendulum System self-levels and indicates out-of-level condition
  • One 360° horizontal plane and two vertical 360° planes from one point
  • For simultaneous leveling and alignment, and squaring right angles
  • Pendulum locks for safe transport
  • BM1 positioning device
  • Four AAA batteries and carrying case
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    Our Price: $999.00

  • Long working range of 1200 ft. with accuracy up to ±3/32 at 100 ft – ideal for exterior applications
  • Robust design with glass-enclosed cage – for better protection and water/dust resistance (IP56)
  • Fast horizontal electronic self-leveling with disturbance monitor – ensures consistent leveling accuracy on the jobsite
  • Complete kit of accessories – including tripod, grade rod and rotary laser receiver for maximum one-person operation
  • Two large, easy to grip carrying handles
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